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Big data has revolutionized entire industries. Medicine is next.

For the first time, the digitization of medical records offers the opportunity to truly understand and improve the life and death decisions that providers and patients make every day.

Led by Dr. Sendhil Mullainathan and Dr. Ziad Obermeyer, the Harvard-based Laboratory for Systems Medicine focuses on translating big health data into insights for clinical practice and industry.

Are you interested in medicine and health policy, passionate about extracting meaning from complex data, and looking to work on real-world problems? Are you excited about a position that is defined by what you do and the impact you can have?

Data Analyst Position

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We are accepting resumes accompanied by a brief cover letter detailing your motivation and background.

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Application Process – Round 2

To give you a better sense of the kind of work we do and to give us a sense of how you would approach problems that we grapple with every day, we have designed an empirical project for all applicants selected into the second stage.

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